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  • Plug Rpi Arduino Shield Add-on into RPI V2, connect SHT10 to IIC interface through 4-pin wires. Power Raspberry Pi V2.
  • Download the SDK from this link: and then install it.
  • Modify the file ReadSHT1xValues.ino
modified codes as below:
define dataPin 3
define clockPin 5
  • Enter into the directory libraries/itead_SHT1x/examples/ReadSHT1xValues, compile and run the file ReadSHT1xValues.ino
Command as below to compile ReadSHT1xValues.ino
$ iteadcompile ReadSHT1xValues ReadSHT1xValues.ino
Command to run this program
$ sudo ./ ReadSHT1xValues
  • When the compilation is done, you can read the temperature and humidity data from the terminal.