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Character LCM screen.jpg

Character LCM screen is a common display device, we provide 16×2, 8×2, 20×4 with Yellow / Blue black light LCD. But these LCD need more than 6 pins for controlling and you need to know the control register and time series.

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Resolution 16X2
Backlight color Yellow, Blue
Communication Protocol UART
Band Rate 9600
RoSH Yes

Recommended operating condition

Power supply voltage 5 VDC
Current consumption 60mA(Blue) 70mA(Yellow)
Input Voltage VH 2.7V (Min) 3.3V (Type) 3.6V(Max)
Input Voltage VL 0.3V (Min) 0V (Type) 0.9V(Max) B71
Operation Temperature 20℃~60℃

Commands description

1. Command format

The format of all commands is CMD+[Parameter]+’;’, the [parameter] is option, and the ‘;’ is necessary.

2. Command list and parameter

1) Screen Clean

CMD : sc , Parameter : Null;

Example : sc; -----------------Screen clean. 2) Set backlight

CMD : sb, Parameter :1/0 [1: Set the backlight on; 0: Set the backlight off]

Example : sb1; ---------------Set the backlight on. sb0; ---------------Set the backlight off.

3) Set coordinate

CMD : sd, Parameter :X,Y [X: the column (X = [0,1]); Y: the row (Y = [0:15])]

Example : sd0,0; --------------Set the coordinate to column 0 and row 0. Sd1,15; ------------Set the coordinate to column 1 and row 15

4) Send string

CMD : ss, Parameter : Char String

Example: ss12345; -------------Send the char string to display in coordinate.

5) Set the cursor on/off

CMD su, Parameter: 0/1 [0: Set the cursor off, 1: Set the cursor on]

Example: su0; --------------Set the cursor off su1; --------------Set the cursor on

6) Set the cursor type

CMD sf, Parameter: 0/1 [0: Set the cursor blink off, 1: Set the cursor blink on]

Example: sf0; -------------- Set the cursor blink off sf1; -------------- Set the cursor blink on 7) Move the cursor

CMD sm, Parameter: 0/1 [0: Move the cursor left , 1: Move the cursor right]

Example: sm0; -------------- Move the cursor left sm1; -------------- Move the cursor right

3. Return message

O: OK, the mean is the command is correct and been done

E: Error, the mean is the command is error.

4. Command corresponding time

All the command corresponding time is < 50ms.

User notes

1. All the commands are lower case, and the end of command must be the char ‘;’.




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