Timer Adjustable 12V Delay Realy Module

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This is a brand new and high quality start-up delay module with a high-performance timing CPU design. Generally car ignition will cause a surge to damage the car devices such as GPS, DVD. This delay module can prevent the sudden current from car ignition, so your car devices can have a long life.

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  • Based on NE555 chip
  • Indicators: LED1- power indicator; LED2 – switch trigger timing indicator
  • A timing potentiometer to adjust the delay time. Default adjustable delay time is 0 ~ 10 seconds. Users can adjust the delay time longer or shorter by adjusting the capacitance.
  • The output can be connected to AC 250V 10A or DC 30V 10A load.


Size 77mmX23mm X 18mm
Operation voltage DC 12V

Wiring Diagram

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IM150311002pic2 1.jpg

IM150311002pic3 1.jpg