NA-01 POE enabled UART to Ethernet Converter

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The NA-01 is a multi-functional embedded Ethernet serial data conversion module. The module integrated built-in TCP/ IP protocol stack, allowing users easily use it to build network for embedded devices, thus helps saving manpower and development time, putting the products on the market in short time. The module integrated 10/100M self-adaption Ethernet interface, the serial communication maximum baudrate is up to 230.4Kbps, providing TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP working mode, easily configurable by software, IEEE802.3af standard compliant, POE power supply supported.

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PCB_size col80mm_X_60mm_X_20mm
Power supply POE
Interface UART, Ethernet interface

Electrical Characteristics

Parameter Min Typical Max Unit
Input voltage(VCC) 42 48 55 VDC
Input voltage VinH 3 3.3 3.6 V
Input voltage VinL -0.3 0 0.5 V
Baud rate 9600 bps


Schematic-IM160307001-NA01-POE enabled UART to Ethernet Converter.png

Interface Functions


  • VCC: 5V power supply
  • RXD: Data in pin of serial port
  • TXD: Data out pin of serial port
  • RTS: Can be used as RS485 enable pin
  • CTS: Can be used as a network connection status indicator pin


  • RST: RESET. Press 200ms low to reset the whole module
  • ISP: Update.Press the button to upgrade the firmware.
  • CFG: Configuration. Used for module configuration. Same as the CFG jummper.

Voltage Level

1. The voltage level of RXD and TXD pins is 3.3V, if you need to use 5V level, please add 3.3V-to-5V level converter between the devices.

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