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Iteadmaple is a microcontroller board based on Leaf Maple. The Iteadmaple can achieve the maximum 72 MHz, it has 39 digital input/output pins, 16 analog inputs, native full speed USB, 3 USARTs (hardware serial ports), integrated SPI/I2C support, with power jack, and reset button. Iteadmaple is programmable over USB via a provided DFU bootloader, no extra hardware required! Users can also program the onboard program flash via external X-link/X-linkEx JTAG interface. Iteadmaple offers security support for read/write protected addresses, as well as User and Handler processor modes.Iteadmaple can be powered by USB or external power supply.

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  • 72MHz ARM Cortex M3 core
  • 20KB SRAM and 128KB Flash
  • 64 channel nested vector interrupt handle
  • 7 channels of Direct Memory Access(DMA)
  • Wide range external input from and USB supply adaptive
  • X-link/X-linkEx full compatible
  • Pins map full compatible for Arduino shield


Microcontroller STM32F103RB
Max Frequency 72MHz
RAM Capacity 16K
FLASH Capacity 128K
Power Supply External 12V/External 24V/External 7V/External 9V/USB 5V
I/O Operation Level 3.3V
Board Size 69mm x 54mm


Datasheet for STM32F103RB

Manual for STM32F103RB

Schematic for Iteadmaple

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