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With an on-board AC-DC module, Arduino IoTgo shield can transfer AC 85~265V to DC 5V, so it can be the power supply to arduino. Meanwhile, mainboards can control some home applications by setting the relays on this shield. Moreover, IoTgo shield has an Xbee interface and a Nrf24l01 interface. By using this shield, you can make some remote control home application projects with no effort.

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PCB size 76.96mm X 59.56mm X 1.6mm
Power supply AC 85~265V 50/60Hz
Power output DC5V

Electrical Characteristics

Min Type Max Unit
Power Voltage 85 220 265 AVCC
AC-DC 5V Output average current 0 - 700 mA
Max load current(relay) 3 A
Ripple wave voltage(Vpp) 80 150 200 mV


IM141125003 - IoTgo Shield - dimension.jpg IM141125003pic1.jpg


  • Nrf24L01 Socket
Index of Interface Name of Interface Index of Arduino
1 GND -
2 3V3
3 CE D8
4 CS D9
5 SCK D13
6 MOSI D11
7 MISO D12
8 IRQ -
  • AC socket
Index of Interface Name of Interface Description
1 N Zero line
2 L Live line
3 NO Shorted to L while relay is activated
4 NC Shorted to L while relay is not activated

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File:IM141125003 - IoTgo Shield - schematic.pdf