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The 3G shield is based on SIM5216A or SIM5216E module. The 3G shield can be used for 3G communication, it is controlled via AT commands and fully compatible with Arduino. The difference between SIM5216A and SIM5216E is as folllows:


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  • Multi-modules support: SIM5216A/SIM5216E/SIM5216J
  • Configurable pins for UART communication
  • With the MIC and earphone interface
  • Control via AT commands
  • RTC supported with Super Capacitor
  • Optimization of the power supply circuit
  • Operation temperature: -40℃ ~ +85℃


PCB size 91.93mmX57.15mm X 1.6mm
Indicators PWR,5V,2.8V, Status
Power supply 5V support by Arduino
Communication Protocol UART
Baud Rate 115200

Electrical Characteristics

Specification Min Type Max Unit
Power Voltage 4.5 5 5.5 VDC
Input Voltage VH (5V): 2.3 5 5.5 V
Input Voltage VL (5V): -0.3 0 1 V
Current Consumption - - 300 mA



Figure 1 Top Map

Pin Map

Arduino PIN Description
D0 -
D1 -
D2 -
D3 -
D4 -
D5 -
D6 -
D7 -
D8 POWER (High Active)
D9 Reset (High Active)
D10 -
D11 -
D12 -
D13 -
A0 -
A1 -
A2 -
A3 -
A4 -
A5 -


(1) UART Multiplexer

The UART multiplexer can assign Tx / Rx of SIM5216E to D0 ~D7.

Note: Don’t assign TX/RX of SIM5216E to the same digital pin at the same time.

(2)Operation Level Setting Switch

When install 3G shield to Arduino, please check the operation voltage level of development board. If the voltage is 3.3V (Leaf maple), set the Operation Level Setting switch to 3.3V. If the voltage is 5V (Arduino), set the Operation Level Setting switch to 5V.

(3) Indicator Description

  • PWR: When the board is connected to the power, the power

indicator light is on.

  • 2.8V: The 2.8 V power is properly if the indicator light is on.
  • 3.3V:The 3.3 V power is properly if the indicator light is on.
  • Status:The indicator light has four statuses. As shown below:
LED Status Module Status
Always On Searching Network/Call Connect
200ms ON, 200ms OFF Data Transmit
800ms ON, 800ms OFF Registered network
Off Power off / Sleep


Schematic for ITEAD 3G Shield

Demo Code for ITEAD 3G Shield


File:SIM5215J_SIM5216J_AT Command Manual_V1.02.pdf



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