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ILogicxx16 is a logic analyzer that includes three model 1016,2016 and 5016. ILogic1016 can reach to Max 100MHz (Full 16 channels) sample rate while ILogic2016 to Max 200MHz and ILogic5016 to Max 500MHz. ILogicxx16 can handle with waveform under 40M and 95% SCM, ARM, FPGA development environment, which is superior to oscilloscope in digital signal analysis.

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  • Max sample rate: 100MHz (Full 16 channels)
  • Max input voltage range:-50~+50V
  • PWM output *2
  • 1Gbits Memory
  • With smooth software interface and strong protocol decoding ability
  • Small size:


ILogicxx16 spcification.png

Hardware & Software

  • IM141013002.jpg
  • ILogicxx16 software.png
  • ILogicxx16 SoftUI.png
  • ILogicxx16 SoftUI2.png

The Internal PCB

ILogicxx16 PCB.jpg

Ordering Information

Model SKU Price
1016 IM141013003 $59
2016 IM141013004 $96
5016 IM141013005 $129


Software Installation

  • Installation

Download the zip file, double click "JkiSuiteSetup.exe" to execute the installation program.The procedure is similar with the common software in Windows, and there are instructions that you could follow in every step. In the last step, you should install the driver program of hardware device, and you will see the dialog as the figure below (there could be some differences between different OSs). Please select "Install" to complete the procedure.

Logic analyzer guide 1.png

  • GUI Guide

This software GUI contains the tool bar, channel settings bar, waveform display, measurement, PWM settings and analyzers settings.

Logic analyzer guide 2.jpg

The software can display in "English/Chinese". If you want to change the display language, you can press the "Options" button in the top right corner, and select the language. The display language will take effect after the software restarts.