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Colorsduino是一款基于ATMega328芯片,兼容arduino的RGB LED点阵驱动主控板,可以直接驱动60mm*60mm的8*8 LED点阵。板载DM163作为LED驱动芯片的PWM控制器,使得MCU可以由更多的资源去执行其他任务。Colorsduino可以通过IIC和电源接口无缝级联,最多可使用256 colorduino 串联。


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  • 8位颜色支持
  • 支持硬件16MHz PWM
  • 无需外接电路,即玩即亮
  • 专用的GPIO和ADC接口
  • Hardware UART and IIC communication with easy cascading




PCB size 60mm X 60mm X 1.6mm
Microprocessor Atmega328P
Indicator PWR State
Power supply 5V~7.5V DC(7.5V Max)
Cascade power connector Terminal Blocks
Program interface UART/ISP
Expansion socket 100mil bended pin header pair
Communication protocols UART/IIC
RoHS Yes

Electrical Characteristics

Specification Min. Typical Value Max. Unit
Power Voltage 3.5 5 7.5 VDC
Input Voltage VH: 4.5 5 5.5
Input Voltage VL: -0.3 0 0.5 V
Current Consumption(Except LED matrix) - 20 40 mA
Drive current(Every channel) 500 mA
Drive current(Every dot) 58 mA
Circuit response time 10 ns
RGB LED-Matrix color resolution per dot 16M
Uart Baud rate 9600 115200 bps


IM140806001pic1.jpg IM140806001pic2.jpg IM140806001 3.jpg

Pad Name Type Description
SDA I/O Data wire of IIC Bus
SCL I/O Clock wire of IIC Bus
GND G Ground plane
VDD P Power wire for all digital components
RXD I/O Data wire of UART Bus
TXD I/O Data wire of UART Bus
DTR I Special reset wire of Arduino program
VIN P Power wire for all LEDs and Super current driver
MI I/O Data input of ISP
MO I/O Data output of ISP
SCK I/O Clock input of ISP
RST I Reset input of ISP






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