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WIFI Shield REV2 .jpg

WIFI Shield REV2 supports IEEE 802.11b/g/n wireless protocol standard and serial output, which integrates TCP / IP protocol stack internally. It is specifically designed for Arduino boards including Arduino UNO, MEGA and Leonardo, and it supports 3.3V or 5V operation level so it can work with more Arduino-compatible boards.

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PCB size 58.0mm X 56mm X 1.6mm
Operation level 3.3V or 5V
Indicator PWR

Electrical Characteristics

Parameter Min. Typical Max. Unit
Power voltage 3 3.3 3.6 VDC
Working current (VCC=3.3V) 0.5 15000 100000 uA
Maximum radio frequency input (with reference to input of 50Ω) - 10 - dB
Static withstand voltage - - 2000 V




Micro SD Socket

Index of Interface Name of Interface Index of Arduino
1 SD_CS D10
2 MOSI D11
3 3V3 -
4 SCK D13
5 GND -
6 MISO D12

WIFI module Interface

Index of Interface Name of Interface Index of Arduino
Index of Interface Name of Interface Description
1 D-RX Upgrade firmware, UART input
2 D-TX Upgrade firmware, UART output
3 ERROR Severe error of module, high level is valid.
4 WPS WPS function input, descending portion is valid. If VDD/2 is input at the pin when starting, the module will enter WEB SERVER.
5 BOOT Used in boot program, high level is valid.
6 RTS UART requests sending
7 CTS UART clears sending

UART Multiplexer

You can connect pins TXD and RXD on the module to D0~7 of Arduino with a jumper.


When connection is done as below, WIFI shield is communicating with chip atmega328.


When connection is made as below, WIFI shield is communicating with chip atmega8U2 or FT232RL, and if they are connected to PC via USB cable, serial software in PC can be used to control or configure module HM-10.


In addition, pins TXD and RXD can also be connected to D2~7 to control module HM-10 with software serial library.


Switch of operation level


When switching to 3.3V, WIFI shield can communicate with mainboards with operation level of 3.3V, such as Arduino DUE; when switching to 5V, WIFI shield can communicate with mainboards with operation level of 5V, such as Arduino UNO.

When switching, supply voltage of V pin on the electronic brick interface will also change accordingly. when switching to 3.3V, voltage of V pin is 3.3V and it will be 5V when switching to 5V.

Switch for transparent transmission


When the switch turns to ‘Normal’, module is powered up but it will not enter transparent transmission mode; when the switch turns to ‘Transparent’, module will enter transparent transmission mode after powering up.


  • PWR, 3.3V supply indicator: when supply is normal, PWR indicator will keep ON.


  • WIFI_RST, WIFI resetting button: press the button to reset WIFI module.


  • There is no existing library to support the module at present.


Datasheet for WIFI SHIELD REV2

Datasheet for RAK410

Programming Manual

Demo for WIFI Shield REV2 with MEGA2560 v3 115200

Demo for WIFI Shield REV2 with UNO rev0

Useful Links

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Basic Test/Tutorial for ITEAD WIFI Shield REV2 - by David Morphett