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 h English (en)==Instruction==
*Plug OLED add-on into Raspberry Pi and power it
*modify the file /etc/modprobe.d/raspi-balcklist.conf
:modified codes as below
::blacklist spi-bcm2708
::blacklist i2c-bcm2708
* modify /etc/modules
:add a line in the end as below:
*[[Download]] the SDK from this link: and then install it
*Enter into the directory '''libraries/itead_SSD1306/examples/oled_Animation_Sample/''', then compile and run this file '''oled_Animation_Sample.ino''' 
:Command as below to compile oled_Animation_Sample.ino
::$ iteadcompile OLED oled_Animation_Sample.ino
:Command to run this program
::$ sudo ./OLED
*When the compilation is done, you can see a little man dancing on OLED.
 h Chinese (China) (zh-cn)==使用说明==
*将RpiOledAddon插到RPI V2上面,上电。
*修改文件 /etc/modprobe.d/raspi-balcklist.conf
::^blacklist spi-bcm2708
::^blacklist i2c-bcm2708
* 修改 /etc/modules
*从这个链接 下载安装SDK
*进入这个目录 '''libraries/itead_SSD1306/examples/oled_Animation_Sample/''', 编译和运行文件 '''oled_Animation_Sample.ino''' 
:编译 oled_Animation_Sample.ino 指令如下
::$ iteadcompile OLED oled_Animation_Sample.ino
::$ sudo ./OLED