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Raspberry PI LCD1602 Add-on is customized for Raspberry Pi interfaces based on LCD1602 display module. With GPIO’s on Raspberry Pi, it can be used to control the contents to be displayed; with software, it can be used to control the backlight for on and off. Buttons on the module can be used to control cursor location on the screen. In addition, electronic brick interface can bring more expanded functions for the Raspberry Pi.


PCB size 83.8mm X 68.6mm X 1.6mm
Input voltage 5V
Interface Electronic brick interface
Contrast Adjustable




Raspberry PI Interfaces

Raspberry PI Pin N.O. Pin name Pin of LCD1602 Module Description
11 GPIO0 D4 LCD1602 data cable
12 GPIO1 D5 LCD1602 data cable
13 GPIO2 D6 LCD1602 data cable
15 GPIO3 D7 LCD1602 data cable
16 GPIO4 RS Register selection cable
18 GPIO5 E Enable
22 GPIO6 BLK control Backlight control pin(1)
7 GPIO7 - Electronic brick interface
3 SDA0 - Electronic brick interface
5 SCL0 - Electronic brick interface
24 CE0 LEFT BUTTON Button output pin(2)
26 CE1 UP BUTTON Button output pin(2)
19 MOSI DOWN BUTTON Button output pin(2)
21 MISO RIGHT BUTTON Button output pin(2)
23 SCLK SELECT BUTTON Button output pin(2)
8 TXD - Electronic brick interface
10 RXD - Electronic brick interface
2 +5V -
1 +3.3V -
6 GND -

(1)Backlight control pin: When GPIO6 outputs low level, backlight of LCD1602 is off.

(2)Button output pin: When the button is pressed down, it outputs low level; otherwise it outputs high level.