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  • The Nextion UART TFT HMI LCD allows you to stop using the GUI library, enabling you to build your user interface in a WYSIWYG editor on your PC, and then easily download and install it on the LCD
  • ITEAD Studio latest project, Nextion TFT HMI touchscreen displays, aims to simplify connection with a simple UART interface, and make UI design easier with their Nextion Editor that allows developers to create a user interface without
  • Nextion’s drag-and-drop editor makes GUI development a piece of cake.--Atmel


This page serves as technical support page for Nextion project. Nextion is not available being sold on ITEAD iMall online store, it is crowfunding on Indiegogo NOW. If you are interested in trying one, please support this project, they will be shipped on schedule.

Any question, don't hesitate to contact us.

Nextion HMI solution includes hardware part and software part.


Nextion Editor Commands




Progress Bar

Font Library

How to Burn Demo in Nextion

How to do Demo Simulation in Nextion

Finish a GUI design in 30 minutes