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==如何成为ITEAD Wiki页面编辑者==
==如何成为ITEAD Wiki页面编辑者==
To guarantee high quality, this wiki does not allow anonymous to edit, and new editor must first be approved. If you are interested in joining the team, please email Itead Studio at info#iteadstudio.com (Replace #  to @).
目前,为保证页面的信息质量,ITEAD wiki页面是不允许匿名编辑的哦!但是你可以申请成为我们中的一员 ^-^
请将你的申请发送到info@iteadstudio.com 就可以了!

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Wiki is an open information collection platform. Information of ITEAD products and customer works will be hosted here, alive and ready for modification. Please feel free to improve the contents, contributions from registered account would receive our appreciations.
You may find following indexes to start with:

如何成為ITEAD Wiki頁面編輯者

目前,為保證頁面的信息質量,ITEAD wiki頁面是不允許匿名編輯的哦!但是你可以申請成為我們中的一員 ^-^

請將你的申請發送到info@iteadstudio.com 就可以了!