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IS Shield.jpg

IS Shield with 2 channels mechanical relays and 2 channels MOS switch, providing an easy way for applications of voltage controlling from low to high.

The 3Pins breakout make it easy to build a project or prototyping quickly, by using many existing sensor modules (Electronic Brick). And there are some wireless interface breakout on board, you can use it to connect with many wireless module.

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  • 2 mechanical relays with photo-coupled circuit
  • 2 MOS switch with internal power supply
  • Xbee, nRF24l01, RF315/433M module wireless interface
  • Arduino AD pins 3 PINs interface breakout for Sensor module (Electronic Brick)
  • Equipped with screw holes for easy installation
  • Native Arduino/Iteaduino compatibility


PCB size 67.3mm X 59.1mm X 1.6mm
Indicators PWR, status LED
Power supply 9~20V, compatible with Arduino
Communication Protocol XBee, nRF24L01+,UART, IIC, 315/433 RF module
RoSH Yes

Electrical Characteristics

Specification Min Type Max Unit
Power Voltage(Vlogic) 4.5 5 5.5 VDC
Power Voltage(Vsupply) 9 - 20 VDC
Input Voltage VH: 4.5 5 5.5 V
Input Voltage VL: -0.3 0 0.5 V
Current Consumption - 400 mA
  • IS shield just can work with Extenal Power supply or with the Arduino that using Extenal Powe

supply, and it cannot work with Arduino which using USB 5V power supply.



Figure 1 Top Map

IS Shield1.jpg

Interface Pin Description
UART 1 Ground
UART 2 5V supply
AD0/1/2 1 AD0/1/2
AD0/1/3 2 5V supply
AD0/1/4 3 Ground
IIC 1 Ground
IIC 2 5V supply
IIC 3 Data wire of IIC
IIC 4 Clock wire of IIC
nRF24L01+ Socket 1 GND
nRF24L01+ Socket 2 VCC33
nRF24L01+ Socket 3 CE(Chip Enable)
nRF24L01+ Socket 4 SPI_CS
nRF24L01+ Socket 5 SPI_SCK
nRF24L01+ Socket 6 SPI_MOSI
nRF24L01+ Socket 7 SPI_MISO
nRF24L01+ Socket 8 nRF24L01+ IRQ Output
XBee Socket 1 VCC33
XBee Socket 2 Dout
XBee Socket 3 Din
XBee Socket 10 GNF
XBee Socket 4,5,6,7,8,9,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20 No Connect
315/433MHz RF module socket 1 GND
315/433MHz RF module socket 2 VCC
315/433MHz RF module socket 3 D0
315/433MHz RF module socket 4 D1
315/433MHz RF module socket 5 D2
315/433MHz RF module socket 6 D3
315/433MHz RF module socket 7 VT

Arduino Socket defination

Pin Description
D0 XBee_Dout/UART_Rx
D1 XBee_Din/UART_Tx
D2 nRF24L01+_IRQ
D4 Channel 1 Enable(High active)
D5 Channel 2 Enable(High active)
D6 Channel 3 Enable(High active)
D7 Channel 4 Enable(High active)
D8 No connect
D9 nRF24L01+_CE
D10 nRF24L01+_CS
D11 nRF24L01+_MO
D12 nRF24L01+_MI
D13 nRF24L01+_SCK
A0 AD0
A1 AD1
A2 AD2
A3 AD3



Is shield can control two relay at the same time. Every channel can be set for Normal Open (NO)/Normal Connect (NC) by J6/J7 when this channel is active as the figure 3.

IS Shield2.jpg

MOS Switch

Is shield can control two MOS Switch at the same time. The output voltage of every channel of MOS Switch can be set for +5V/VIN by J8/J24, and every channel can supply 1A current max. The jumper setting is as figure 4.

IS Shield3.jpg

Note: The current of MOS Switch channel depend on the power supply of IS Shield.


Datasheet for IS Shield

Schematic for IS Shield

Demo Code for IS Shield

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