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==Arbitrary waveform display in IDSG101==
==Arbitrary waveform display in IDSG101==

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Based on several advanced technologies, IDSG101 can realize some unique functions that common desktop devices have in a small size. Though this device is as small as your hand, it can realize 80M sampling rate, maximum 10 MHz and 10Vpp range output.

IDSG101 is capable of full functional arbitrary waveform management and output. Because the data of arbitrary waveform adopts the files system management and the protocol is fully open to users, users can manage several arbitrary waveform files easily by the technology of virtual U disk.

With a high solution 3 inch full color LCD and resistive touch screen, IDSG101 has an expressive English interface, which helps users to get started using this device easily. IDSG101's firmware can be upgraded, and we will perfect this device gradually according to users' feedback.

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  • 65536 colors, 240*400 solutions, 3 inch colored broadband LCD, and 4 wire resistive touch screen.
  • Built-in 15 kinds of commonly used waveform, 128 m arbitrary waveform storage space
  • The protocol of arbitrary waveform is open, support users editing
  • Can be virtualized in U disk, and realize arbitrary waveform files management.
  • 80M sampling rate, maximum 10MHz output
  • 14 bits high-speed DAC and 10Vpp output
  • Maximum 32768 dots arbitrary waveform channel, dots can be control at will
  • 5V power supply, 200mA~400mA current consumption


  • Waveforms
Standard Waveform Sine, Square, Triangle, Sawtooth rise , Sawtooth fall, Sinc ,Noise, Exponential rise, Exponential fall, Positive full-wave, Negative full-wave, Positive half-wave, Negative half-wave, Gaussian ,DC
Sample Rate 80 MS/s
Vertical Resolution 14 bit
Arbitrary Waveform Length 2 to 32 K points
Built-in storage 128 M

  • Frequency Characteristics
Output range Sine 1 mHz ~ 10 MHz
Square 1 mHz ~ 10 MHz
Others 1 mH ~ 1 MHz
Resolution 1mHz
Accuracy 50 ppm

  • Voltage characteristics
Output range 10 mVpp ~ 10 Vpp
Resolution 12 bit
Accuracy 8% of Setpoint
Offset Range ±5V
Amplitude Flatness ≥0.3 dB

  • Square characteristics
Duty Cycle 0.1%~99.9% (1mHz~1MHz)
lock 50% (1MHz~10MHz)
Rise/Fall Time <20 ns
Overshoot <5%

  • General
output Impedance 50 Ω
Ramp Symmetry 0.1%~99.9%
Sync signal TTL ( 4.8 V~5.2 V )
Power requirements DC ( 4.75 V~5.25 V, < 400 mA)
Display characteristics 3-inch, 240x400 resolution
Dimensions (L x W x H) 116 mmx76 mmx26 mm
Weight 180 g

Arbitrary waveform display in IDSG101

IM141013001 11.jpg IM141013001 12.jpg IM141013001 13.jpg IM141013001 14.jpg 500px 500px 500px 500px 500px 500px IM141013001j.jpg IM141013001 16.jpg IM141013001 17.jpg IM141013001 19.jpg IM141013001 21.jpg IM141013001 23.jpg IM141013001 25.jpg IM141013001 26.jpg IM141013001 28.jpg IM141013001 29.jpg IM141013001 30.jpg IM141013001 31.jpg IM141013001 32.jpg IM141013001 33.jpg IM141013001 34.jpg IM141013001 35.jpg IM141013001 37.jpg IM141013001 38.jpg IM141013001 39.jpg IM141013001 40.jpg

Interface Demonstrating

  • Start interface (Support two languages: Chinese and English)

IM141013001 41.png

  • Function set


  • Arbitrary waveform choosing


  • Burst interface

IM141013001 42.png

  • Sweep interface

IM141013001 43.png

  • System set


How to upgrade firmware