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(Electrical Characteristics)
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| Response time /e(63%)||6||||30||s
| Response time /e(63%)||6||||30||s
==Communication Process: Serial Interface (Single-Wire Two-Way)==

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Digital temperature and humidity sensor.jpg

DHT11 electronic brick of digital temperature & humidity sensor features a digital temperature & humidity sensor complex with a calibrated digital signal output. Its single-bus operation, extremely small size and low consumption enable it to be used in HVAC, automotive, weather stations, dehumidifier and other applications.


1. Plug and play, easy to use. Compatible with the mainstream 2.54 interfaces and 4-Pin Grove interfaces in the market. IM120710021_2.jpg

2. With use of M4 standard fixed holes, compatible with M4-standard kits such as Lego and Makeblock. IM120710021_3.jpg

3. Rotatable detecting direction for better adaption. IM120710021_4.jpg


PCB size 22.0mm X 20.5mm X 1.6mm
Working voltage 3.3 or 5V DC
Operating voltage 3.3 or 5V DC
Measurement range 20-95%RH;0-50℃
Resolution 8bit(temperature),8bit(humidity)
Compatible interfaces 2.54 3-pin interface and 4-pin Grove interface(1)

Note 1: S for digital input/output port, V and G for voltage at the common collector and ground respectively

Electrical Characteristics

Parameter Min. Typical Max. Unit
Working voltage 3 5 5.5 VDC
Working current(VCC=5V,T=25℃) 0.5 - 2.5 mA
Sampling interval 1 - - s


Parameter Min. Typical Max. Unit
Accuracy (25℃) - ±4 - %RH
Accuracy (0-50℃) - - ±5 %RH
Measurement range (25℃) 20 - 95 %RH
Response time: 1/e(63%)25℃,1m/s air 6 10 15 s


Parameter Min. Typical Max. Unit
Accuracy ±1 - ±2
Measurement range 0 - 50
Response time /e(63%) 6 30 s

Communication Process: Serial Interface (Single-Wire Two-Way)



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