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Here is the wiki page for Colorduino V1.3 .


Colorduino is a RGB LED matrix driver platform basis on ATMega 328P. This design is to make user easily modify or write the firmware of Colorduino by Arduino IDE.

Colorduino V1.3 Model:DEP005



  • Inherits all of Arduino Diecimila's features.
  • Each each RGB dot has 256×256x256 = 16,777,216 colours (16 million)
  • Compatible with Foca

Application Ideas

  • Data logging
  • Remote sensor node
  • Robotic control


The warnings and wrong operations possible cause dangerous.


It is the schematic, the circuit about Eagle resource like .pdf should linked here in order to avoid memory exhausted.


May include key specification and other specifications.

Pin definition and Rating

Mechanic Dimensions


If you are using the Arduino Development Environment to program the board, select the Anduino Duemilanove board from the boards list.

If the serial port does not show up when you connect the Seeeduino to the computer, you have to download the appropriate USB to serial drivers. The Windows, Linux, and Mac drivers can be downloaded here:

Hardware Installation


Includes important code snippet. Demo code like :

Demo code { }


The projects and application examples.

Bill of Materials (BOM) /parts list

All the components used to produce the product.


Here is the ITEAD FAQ, now the version is V2.2, users can list the Frequently Asked Questions here, example as below:

What is ITEAD

Answer: ITEAD is a ...


If you have questions or other better design ideas, you can go to our forumto discuss.

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How to buy

Here to buy Colorduino v1.3.


This documentation is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0 Source code and libraries are licensed under GPL/LGPL, see source code files for details.

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